Where Technology meets Sport

If you are looking for sportswear that goes beyond your expectations, you are in the right place! NEB18 is synonymous with innovation and performance, and we are thrilled to present our latest achievement: Klimair technology.

Klimair: The Future of Sportswear

Our cutting-edge technology has been integrated into the fabrics of our sportswear to offer you a fresh and dry feeling that will accompany you throughout your physical activity.

Breathability that speaks of freedom

Klimair technology was designed with the aim of maximizing breathability. Our fabrics allow your skin to breathe freely. This means you can concentrate fully on your performance, without being disturbed by moisture build-up.

Dry and Comfortable: Every Step, Every Movement

NEB18 sportswear with Klimair technology is not only functional, but also comfortable. With Klimair, you will enjoy a constant feeling of freshness and dryness, allowing you to push your limits without compromise.

Your Ideal Training Partner

NEB18 with Klimair technology is ready to become your trusted ally. Trust us to experience the comfort and performance that only the latest generation technology can offer.

Discover the difference with NEB18 and Klimair: where comfort meets technology to elevate your sporting experience to new levels. We are ready to accompany you in every step of your extraordinary sporting adventure!