• 2006 - The origin

    NEB18 is a story that comes from a passion, cycling, and from a very specific idea: to communicate the beauty of this sport through garments that exactly meet sporting needs with attention to detail.

  • 2012 - The change of direction

    In 2012 the desire to respond to the needs of a constantly evolving society began to appear; sport and the athlete also undergo changes and this is it
    context that NEB18 aims to go beyond what is already present.

    Just like in the most important challenge, "Never Ending Brave" extends and expands its passion to different types of sports, setting a single objective: to become the reference brand for sports enthusiasts.

  • 2023 - Takeoff

    In 2023 the project takes off and finally finds concreteness in the production of clothing that combines exceptional performance,
    comfort and style and in the constant attention to detail and the use of innovative materials.

    That dream, kept in a drawer for years and never definitively set aside, is today, to all intents and purposes, NEB18.

"Technology and Research"

Technology and research allow us to express excellence every day at the service of our customers. Neb18 provides all the technical and production phases from the models/CAD department to the research, sample development and production department.


A revolution for technical sports clothing


"Traditionally Innovative"

Traditionally Innovative because we are strongly anchored to the sartorial tradition despite having the most advanced production technologies within us.